**PSA; this is an adult conversation

What the hell, man. Between boyfriends and baby daddy’s and husbands and all-male counterparts. I am starting to think it is not just women that have PMS, but they do too. I was with the father of my children for a total of eleven years, and we have known each other for over twenty. I noticed about a week after my cycle, he would start to get moody. Now, I know, a week before my period I can get emotional and moody as well. With that in mind, I try really hard to keep those emotions in check, but for some reason, when I bring it up to him “nothing is wrong” and “it is all in your head Tiff”. I don’t think so. Maybe this is a reason we did not last. All I know is I can not be the only female that feels this way.

Ok, so everydayhealth.com says that men that are experiencing mood swings may have low testosterone. Since I try and follow a holistic approach to healing, here are some ways to increase your testosterone levels naturally.

  • Exercise
  • Eat a plant-based diet ( I recently watched Netflix The Game Changers, where they introduced a study on athletes and plant-based nutrition, definitely worth watching. The Purjes Foundation conducted a study Erectile Function Trial. It found that changing to a plant-based diet will improve your erectile function, and that is a good thing for relationships.)
  • Take a walk, literally get out and get some sun
  • Have sex, instead of fighting or when you feel a mood swing coming on, grab your partner and do-si-do, or give your partner a call or text and get your freak on ( believe me a good sexting session can do wonders).

Things to avoid

  • Soy Products (tofu and edamame,etc.)
  • Dairy, this helps if you are following a plant-based diet
  • Alcohol, an overly drunk man is not a turn on you guys
  • Mint (I guess)
  • Fatty foods ( also good if you are Vegan, but ya know, you could hit someone over the head with science backed data and they will still say “I need meat to live”.)

So now that we have all that out the way, please go forth and get those testosterone levels up, because I am done with dealing with men and their mood swings. If I have to keep my emotions in check so do you. Just a btw, I eat several meals a week that are plant-based, taking meat out of your diet cold-turkey is really hard, so start with baby steps like quitting red meat in November, like me.

My inspiration today came from a text conversation I was having with a gentleman I am dealing with. It is tough for me to show you the conversation, but let’s just say it went from sexting to ice cold, I mean Frozen ice queen cold. I do not know how you can make that drastic of a change, but I suppose it could happen. Maybe it has everything to do with his mood after the release,(if you know what I mean) but that topic is for a different day.

Do men have PMS?

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