When I first opened the Ad council’s website, the website that selects several significant public issues and stimulates action. I thought, wow, it had not changed much from when I was a teenager watching PSA’a after school. The universal prevention of bullying and wildfires. I was reluctant to choose any of the “classics” as they call it because I felt like we have talked about these issues in great depths, and yes, we still need to do more. There is just something more pressing in my heart, so I had to look deeper. I came across the Fatherhood Involvement #DanceLikeaDad campaign, and that did move me, but I felt like it was lacking the facts I was looking for, so I decided to look deeper. What speaks to me is Love. How to give more love, show more, and have it accepted and given to me more. I had to explain the concept of love to a coworker recently when I knowingly told him (a married man) that I loved him, mind you, we have only worked together for less than a year. After telling him this for months, he was very put off, thinking that I was in love with him and did his best to avoid me.
Recently the coworker and I had the opportunity to share a little of our background, one slow afternoon. He told me he was a Christian but was more spiritual than religious. I told him I was an Israelite, and the look on his face was of misunderstanding. “Like Jewish?” I told him typically for the sack of explanation yes like Jewish, since we were candid, I explained to him the significant differences between the beliefs of a Jewish person and an Israelite, which I will not get into here. One thing I wanted to emphasize was that I believe in love as Jesus did. Whether you believe or not who he was and is. I had the lesson of “love thy neighbor,” “do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” instilled in me. “Love one another, as I have loved you,” it is this principle that guides me, and why I love you, I explained to my coworker.
I am so in love with the Diversity & Inclusion campaign from the Ad council. I find their short story riveting and very moving. I had to ask even myself, “Why does it take a disaster?” We should act now before there is any more loss of life. That neighbor, you think is so different may be the one that saves your life. The kiss cam videos meant for the web had me in tears. I had to share all three of them. I think the one John Cena did about what it means to be American, is so important now. #WeAreAmerica is my new hashtag, and I even went onto the website www.lovehasnolabels.com and played with the social media filter for about an hour. I made several photos with the filter and will be sharing them. Just this feature alone made it so easy to spread love, and from now on, Love Has No Labels.